Doors & Entrance

Doors and entrance:

When Plot/Layout is divided in to 32 Equal Angular Divisions. These 32 Division are called 32 Entrance, each Entrance  is  of  11.25  Degree  which makes 360 Degree.

Each direction (North, East, South, and West) is dvided into 8 entrances. For instance, 8 entrances for North (N1 to N8), 8 entrances for East (E1 to E8), 8 entrances for South (S1 to S8), 8 entrances for West (W1 to W8).

Each entrance creates its own effect but only few of them offers positive results to the occupants of the house.

Main Entrance Effects – EAST

There are a total of 8 entrances in the East direction from E1 to E8. Two of these 8 locations are auspicious for the construction of the main gate. The auspicious gates in the East are known as E3 and E4.   

Main Entrance Effects – SOUTH

This is one of the biggest myths that a south facing house is highly inauspicious. However, it is not true. In fact various vastu case studies have shown that most successful businesses occupy South facing properties.

But, there is no doubt that you need to be more careful while locating your main entrance in the south facing house. There are 8 padas (entrance locations) from S1 to S8 in the South direction. Two of these 8 padas are highly beneficial which are known as S3  and S4. Other padas are considered inauspicious according to the rules stated in vastu shastra.

Main Entrance Effects – WEST

The West direction has 8 entrance locations from W1 to W8. Out of these 8 locations, only two are favourable for the occupants of the house. The favourable locations or padas are W3 and W4.

Main Entrance Effects – NORTH

The number of auspicious padas (entrance locations) in North direction are more than any other direction. This is one of the reasons why North is considered very auspicious in vastu shastra.

Like all the other directions, north also has a total of 8 possible entrances. Three of these entrances are incredibly advantageous for the residents of the house. So, make sure to construct the main gate of your house in N3 and N4 .