Today, the basement has become the need of every house. The rise in traffic and space problems in every household has initiated the need for a basement in every building. But according to Vastu, the basements were avoided but as the population increased and the area of  neighbourhoods squeezed to tiny homes, the basements became the new necessity.

Another point to note while constructing a basement in a home is to not use it for residential purposes. The purpose of the basement should be either for storage or other things rather than living or any other recreational purpose. This place should comply with the basic rules of the Vastu Shastra as the basement or any other vacant space beneath the house should be prohibited.

Basement prohibits the sunlight and fresh air, due to which it triggers negativity in the house. The lack of positivity and other negative aspects of having a basement in a house demands to pay attention to a few things. The direction and the space of the basement plays a significant role towards the positivity of the house.