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We deliver Vastu, Astrology, Numerology and Astro vastu services to the clients. We at Destiny Wworld always applies modern, logical application based Vastu Shastra principles with no demolitions or impossible shifting of entrances, toilets, kitchen etc

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One of our web services includes a remedy store for our clients. We deal in Vastu and numerology remedies. Our online Shoppe provides a variety and super quality products that will enhance the positive energy with good luck to the person as well as removes all obstacles in all undertaking. Check our remedy store from the link below.

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We are starting our short and long duration courses for vastu with the aim of providing the best solution guide for our students and learners. Our beginner level and advanced level courses will start shortly.


About Acharaya

Acharya Saurabhh A Bajaj is Vastu consultant In Delhi NCR, Astrologer In Delhi, Numerologist In Delhi, Gemstones Expert In Delhi, Occult Trainer & Life Coach from Delhi, he is recognized for his outstanding insights on the use of simple home remedies and for correlating Vastu Analysis with Astrological and Numerology Readings. His understanding and knowledge in the matter and has capability to provide logical solutions.

He has been interacting with people and transforming their lives with the help of simple yet scientific and advanced Vastu, astrological and numerological remedies. It is his innate talent of utilizing Vastu Techniques for removing Vastu Dosh that makes him stand apart from his contemporaries.

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Vastu shastra are texts on the traditional Indian system of architecture. These texts describe principles of design, layout...

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Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims to discern information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements.

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Numerology is the pseudoscientific belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.

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The Astro Vastu analysis works on three parameters- The Individual Horoscope, Vastu Principles and the auspicious time or Muhurata.

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how vastu can change your life?

Commercial Vastu

An office should be in the North, North-East or North-West facing direction. North, North-East or North-West directions are considered to bring good fortune and positivity for business.

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Residential Vastu

As per Vastu, the best and most auspicious direction and place for the Pooja room is the north-east corner of your house. If north-east placement is not feasible, it can be set up .

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Industrial Vastu

Vastu for industries recommends North West as the best direction for the placement of finished goods. This is the direction that ensures continuous movement and flow of the finished goods.

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Thank you so much Acharya Saurabh, Our lift manufacturing unit business is growing well, as you mentioned us to remove things from brahmasthan but we forgot to do it, on your second advice later,  we did it now we can see factory difference in energy and getting more orders and thanks for implementing advance remedies for our growth.


New Delhi

We were struggling with revenue from our business and Destiny world's vastu turned things around very quickly.They put in so much effort and were very honest as to what are the right things possible.The energy of the workplace has changed. Highly recommended for all offices and factories.

Sanjeev Chawla


Thanks for setting up the complete factory as per Vastu.Your team was very helpful and taken care of minute details like placement of raw material, finished goods placement.Packaging colour,sitting positions of different staff for getting maximum results.Thanks to Destiny Wworld team for setting it up.